Monday, 28 September 2015

Dissertation Topic Part I

Choosing a topic for a undergraduate dissertation is probably one of the hardest things when writing a dissertation. It has to be something that triggers your interest for the topic, brings passion and understanding to it, and at the same time:

  • It doesn’t repeat something that’s already in that dataset.1
  • It is something that other people interested in the topic will want to read when searching on information on the topic. That is, your research is not just different from the other work on the issue, but also has an interesting take.1
  • It is research that actually teaches researchers in your area of interest new information and will be useful to them when they are framing their own research projects. That is, not only is your research interesting, it shouldn’t be ignored if other sociologists want to do research in the same areas. 1

So, when I was tossing the words Computer Animation Arts in my head, questions started to emerge such as the decline of different animation styles and techniques, the current benefits of using computer animation (apart for the immense joy at the cinema) or what it is going to look like in, let’s say, the next 100 years. After taking into account my interests, my initial knowledge on the topics and the scarcity of time I have here is what I came up with. 

-       The benefits of Computer animation in selected industries.
-       The future of Computer Animation and the application of new techniques or styles.
-       The art of combining CGI and 2D in Japanese animation films.
-       Behind the Architectural Visualisations.

Down to two!

-       The art of combining CGI and 2D in Japanese animation films.
(the reason to write about this is simple. I love Japanese animation.)

-       Behind the Architectural Visualisations.
(The reason to write about this is my work experience in London)