Monday, 11 January 2016

Minor Project Update

The digital set I made is a simple walkthrough camera which helps me cheat a bit with time editing in After Effects. It is not necessary to render enourmous amount of frames to achieve result which I can do in After effects. For this reason I used few effects.

Firstly, I applied a Time Stretch to my layer and increased the % to fit my desired time. Important note is to turn on the Frame Blending so we have a smooth frame transition. Because of the amount of rendered frame, I had to make it even smoother but avoid the chopping frame transition. For this reason I applied Time Wrap effect and keyed the amount I want it wrapped. I increased the speed to compensate the time stretching I applied previously. In my case, chosing Pixel Motion worked best although still some transition issues appeared

Also rendering adjustment layers and effects in After Effects takes ages. So to save time I rendered my sequences with the effects separately as Window Media Player format which reduces the file size but keeps the quality as good.  Then I imported them in the Main final composition which I rendered Lossless. I noticed that if I do not render the sequences seperately it takes more than 5 hours to render all the effects including light rays, otherwise it takes 7 minutes for the final composition.

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