Friday, 6 November 2015

Minor Project Presentation

Minor Project Presentation


  1. Hi Toni,

    I understand that, due to the randomisation of the register (a CAA tradition!), you were unable to show, on account of having to pick up your daughter. Next time, just let us know what your time constraints are on a crit day, and we'll ensure you're randomised 'early' :)

    I just wanted to say that your presentation is succinct, to the point, reassuring in terms of quality - and your concept paintings are suitably evocative and full of CG promise! (though maybe your library is too full of light to be as atmospheric as it might be?).

    Additional things to think about then in terms of your minor project submission: normally we'd expect a completed pre-viz (in addition to pre-production art work etc), plus some individual renders indicative of the quality of the final animation. We'd also expect the pre-viz to have some semblance of soundtrack - so accompanying music (copyright free) and diegetic sounds where appropriate.

    If you'd rather use your time to get into creating the work itself, you needn't attend your tutorial with me if I've answered questions here, but I look forward to seeing you if you do want to discuss face-to-face.

    1. Hi Phil, thanks for your feedback. I realize I had to organize my time appropriate and apologize for this. I was happy to meet the other students though and see their minor project ideas. I am also glad you are satisfied with my progress so far. The round hall and the library sections are very different in style and that is because I made these first and then decided to apply another style later for the rest. With other words, I am going to redo these two later so all scenes have the same gloomy rendered feel.

      I am going to prepare a pre-viz as advised and upload it asap. I will be happy to discuss minor project progress tête-à-tête but I want to have some basic modeled scenes and a previz before I speak with you. In this way there will what to talk about.