Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Minor Project SFX

As an addition to my minor project final piece (whatever it comes at the end) there will be sound. Here are my choices:

For the first time since the Sistine Chapel was built, the Pope finally allowed the Sistine Chapel Choir (active since 1471) to record professionally Miserere by the Italian composer Gregorio Allegri. I heard this one on Classic FM few weeks ago and knew straight away it will complement my scenes. The acoustic is extremely hypnotizing. This is just an extract from the whole piece.

I was thinking to add also whispers like those in TV Series Lost, so here is an example. I think those whispers represent all those souls imprisoned in the books from my scenes. Taken from

Creepy isn't it?


  1. Hi Toni - just reminding you that can't use copyrighted performances/music on a student animation... You might need to consider purchasing music that has the quality you're after - or considering working with a composer. I could put you in touch with the student who did the Piranesi project last year, who had music specially composed.

    Also - don't you think, logically, that the music might be Spanish in origin/influence - hence the setting of the novel So.. more like this?

    (Though not as upbeat obviously?)

    I suggest you look at early Spanish music for reference in terms of finding something or commissioning someone.

    1. This is very Joyful, Phil though a bit scary. The environment of my scenes is an agglomeration of styles where the laws of time and place do not apply. At least this is how I see it. As this place is ancient I would most probably choose Roman or church choir music with deeper acoustic sound which will help emphasize on the size of the interior. I will definitely try to choose something more appropriate as suggested by you and purchase it instead of paying for composition. Thank you very much for your feedback.

      In this context, I could not resist the temptation but share one of the brilliant pieces of Hans Zimmer dedicated to the victims of Aurora shooting in Colorado, 2012 and which reflects the latest tragedy in Paris. Again I would like something similar for my renders. Here is the link. Hope you enjoy it as I did.