Saturday, 26 March 2016

Pre Viz update

Ok I found a way to do the pre viz sharper and yet good to upload as size by not up scaling my video but downscaling the size of the composition settings in AE. This is just a pre viz after all. So here are my two scenes (I will add the third one soon). It is 1m 53s which is not bad and shows quite a lot. The transition isn't perfect but it shows the main idea. This of course will be developed later.

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  1. Hi Antonina

    Ok, this is a good start although I think there will be some cutting to do once you have all your scenes in your pre-viz. However the one shot(s) that stands out to me as not quite working is a 1.44 (approx) where you move towards the camera model after having zoomed into photos. The photo shot and the camera shot are both in the same direction and do the same thing...its creating a 'bump'...from the audience point of view we go close jump back and go close again. Cutting between the same camera move creates this effect...the logic would be, if you've zoomed in then you use the next shot(s) to zoom or move out (cutting at different distances until your out).