Thursday, 15 October 2015

Minor Project - Proposal

Type of Project: Digital Set with animated elements.

Idea 1: I am going to create digital scenes from the book 'Perfume: The Story of a Murderer' by Patrick Süskind. This will include the Perfume Shop and the laboratory upstairs. Again animated parts will be the light and sound effects.

Idea 2: I am going to merge into the mysterious digital environment of one of my favorite novels of Carlos Ruiz Zafón 'Shadows of the Wind'. I am going to create a complex model of the big library. The animated parts will be the mood: light and sound effects.  I have made some basic drafts on this before and I am going to use them as a base.


  1. Hey Toni,

    This might be news to you, but the course structure now allows year 3 students to run one project all year - so splitting the minor and major projects into a pre-production and production type model. When it comes to digital sets, these are often achievable within the limitations of single term-long projects, because they don't have the additional complexity of characters/rigging/animating etc.

    I just need to be sure of something: were these ideas for sets - however preliminary - a part of your previous submission 'way back when'? I seem to remember that perhaps they were - certainly the 'Perfume' idea - but again, I might be remembering things wrong. We need to be wary of 'self-plagiarism' - which occurs if students re-submit work that has already been assessed in the past. Could you just clarify for me?

    In theory, choosing a digital set from a literary source is a good solid platform for a project; it just might be that you need to consider alternate texts. Let me know.

  2. Oh - and here are some examples of previous 'digital set' final year projects - all representative of one project/one term:

  3. These links were very helpful and this is exactly what I am aiming for. As the idea is not complex enough for a Major project do you mean I will have to add additional elements to the existing set?

    In regards to the novels. Yes I did the Perfume back then but I did exterior of Rue de Seine. Can I do interior based on the same novel but different set. I do not remember submitting The Shadow of the Wind. I started some sets but as far as I remember they were not part of any project. I have to check this one.

  4. Just wanted to mention that the images I posted here are just visual reference. I am not going to use the same one obviously as the Perfume ones were part of the submission back then. :)