Tuesday, 27 October 2015

@ Phil Minor Project Sketches

As time is a shortage when it comes to my lifestyle, I decided to upload the sketches just to show an idea of what the scenes will be. Concepts are coming too shortly.

From all read and wrote so far, I am making 4 concept images that will work as a base for my models and renders:
1. the entrance: "...sinuous contours of a marble staircase and gallery of frescoes peopled with angles and fabulous creatures."
2. the palatial corridor that leads to...
3. the sprawling round hall
4. Library section

Entrance 1

Entrance 2 Note below.

Round hall

Palatial corridor

Library section

Note: my sketches are inspired by the following images. Phil, I am concerned that the adaptation isn't dramatic and the scenes are too close to the originals. What do you think?

Palatial corridor

Library Section


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  1. I think these are looking a) suitably cinematic and b) very promising! Onwards! :)