Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Major Project Final Idea

The Elements of the Psyche

Dante's Divine Comedy turned out to be quite of a challenge. It may sound as a fascinating idea but after spending some time trying to understand the Cantos, I found it extremely difficult to interpret them. So I decided to put Plato's ideas aside and develop something I have knowledge of. That is why I chose the Elements of the Psyche.

This is based on my Dissertation and covers the three main elements of the Psyche according to C. Jung:

This division is similar to the Land of the Living, Land of the Remembered and Land of the Forgotten in the film Book of Life (2014). 

Each of these 'lands' or elements will be connected with a stairway. When it comes to the fog and the misteriou slook of it I plan to add this to the main model with AE. There are some great tutorials on making animated smoke.

So, this is how I see the stages and the overall look.
1) The top one or the final scene is the Ego, which will have a modern twist. I like the idea of having a modern computer or notepad, etc with the message we see in films: What I am? Who are you? Who am I? etc. and the blinking quetsion mark. I like the idea having the ending of this animation with an open-ended question.
 2) The second one is the Personal Unconscious or the place where all the memories are incl. those we do not want to remember. So I thought to play with something contemporary or like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and the scene of the battle in the Ministry of magic. That place is like an endless library but instead of books there are glass orbs with memories.

3) This is the opening scene of the animation. This is how it starts showing the 'land' of the collective unconsciousness or the place with the knowledge for our existance as part of the universe. I thought an abondened and surreal place fits best. This is quite a challanging scene and I believe it will be a combination of concept art and 3D. Vue is an excellent plan B for creating 3D environments.


  1. Hi Toni,

    I prefer this idea, because there's more opportunities for 'design' and the concept art stage - in short, there's more room for 'you' in this idea, and that's a good starting place for 60 credit major project.