Monday, 15 February 2016

Major Project: Collective Unconscious

The animation for this project has 3 parts as mentioned in the previous post. This is the first one:
Collective Unconscious

This is a place of drams. Images that cannot escape to the conscious level, surreal and improbable. This is the place that contains the knowledge of our existance as part of the universe. This is the genesis.

Here are two quick mock up ideas of what is in my mind. The scene will be a combination of 2D and 3D. 

A GIGANTIC MIRROR: It reflects a different world. I am stil thinking what kind of animated scene to put as a reflection. Probably a footage.Why mirror? Because this is a place that does not show reality. Where time and space merge.

A GIGANTIC CLOCK: This clock was inspired by the Hempton Court Clock which shows the zodiac signs, the tides, the position of the moon, the time, etc. I am sill thinking to further adapt this beautiful design. I put the 12 types of archetypes with words and some symbols representing the existance of life. Why a clock? Because time does not exist in the unconscious. It does not have past, present or future. The time exist through our perception. At this level perception does not exist. This clock is unusual. The 2 dials will move in opposite directions and as we can see there is just one handle. With other words, this is not an ordinary clock but a clock, which does not show the real time.

This stage of the mind is a surreal place, dreamlike and completely unreal. So this is what I try to achieve. Here are some inspirations I found. I believe I need to develop a bit further the scene as it is as complex as it should be.

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